Technology-Driven, Human-Centric Revolution

Digital India - Technology-Driven, Human-Centric Revolution

The Post Independent India witnessed revolutions that marked the beginning of a completely new era in various socio-economic fields like production in Petroleum, Fish, Leather, Cocoa, Jute, Horticulture, Honey, Fruit, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Onions, Prawn, Meat, Tomato, Potato, Cotton, Egg, Milk, Oil seed etc. On the other end we witnessed People losing their faith on Governance system mainly due to the hardship they had to endure - corruption, red-tapism, nepotism, injustice, discrimination, huge expenses, accessibility issues etc.
Digital India -A Revolution in Governance Right decisions happen only when the right information reaches the right person at the right time.We are witnessing a silent revolution in Governance which is bound to change the future of our nation. The Information Technology revolution - Digital India has changed the lives of millions of people in our nation directly and indirectly. We have entered a c…
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